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Our leadership team has a diverse industry background and mentorship spanning eight countries. In addition, having serial entrepreneurs and investors on board gives us the expertise to guide you through your funding journey.

George MolakalMBA, PLDA, PEVC - CEO

George has 20 years of Funds and Investment banking experience with Private Equity, Mergers, and Acquisitions worldwide, serving in various capacities as Chairman, President, Principal, General Manager, and Director. George has studied at Oxford University, Cardiff University, and Harvard Business School. He is a published author, global speaker, and award-winning philanthropist who has built companies into multibillion-dollar companies.

Art HolbrookMBA

Art has over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in multiple businesses serving as President, Principal, General Manager, and Board of Directors of several private equities-owned ventures. After graduating from Harvard Business School, he founded multiple private equity startups and acquisitions of privately held investments in the Cable TV and Satellite Communications industries. In addition, Art is a global investor and speaker that has built companies into billion-dollar entities.

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