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ALCOR private equity firm uses a leading and respected platform for risk reduction. The firm also empowers founders and businesses to grow their companies at all stages. Our global platform, operations across 20 countries, helps promoters and businesses access our global networks. Our worldwide network consists of private equity firms, business relationships, and customers. We also provide access as we know they are critical to help scale and grow globally. Our private equity funding team has all it takes to provide your business with strategic resources. These resources will make your company thrive and grow

How we do this

  • We draw from strategic and operational insights from investments made in PE
  • Leverage on our team’s in-depth industry and functional expertise with PE funding
  • Relationships with more than 1000 Private Equity funds in key business growth sectors
  • Access to global capital from investors in more than 60 countries
  • Instant report on risk assessment
  • Accurate PE funding score
  • Professional guidance on gap analysis.

To achieve all this, we also work with the brightest minds and experts globally. We also work side by side with global private equity investors.


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    ALCOR FUND, 40 Wall St. 28th Floor, New York, NY 10005

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