How We Fund - ALCOR FUND
Our job is to serve those who create change in the world. We fund high-impact organizations to do well by taking proven solutions to scale.
We invest in funds like Venture Capital, Private Equity, Debt Funds, Startup Business Funding, Mergers, Acquisitions, etc.

Our Investment Principles and Process

Our reports evaluate your business on 40+ parameters important to investors, with detailed gap analysis and instant recommendations. From profitability to market fit to initial traction, our funding score determines your business’s preparedness to raise funds and calculate your funding capacity objectively.

We cover 25+ different domains and work through validating most of the assumptions, systematic risks, and understanding the Pivot Strategy for each business.

We always seek to maximize returns through fundamentals-driven processes using our unique, pioneered risk mitigation platform through our experience of over 200,000 invested companies we have analyzed.

Our Dynamic Approach

Our unique pioneered AI-driven risk mitigated platform enables us to respond to global investment opportunities, across four continents, through multiple industries that also allows us to increase our global investment velocity and customer equity.

Our global investment professionals are specialists and leaders in their domain and commerce, therefore expediting the evaluation and investment process, which helps us to evaluate and invest quickly.

ALCOR’s – State-of-the-Art - Artificial Intelligence Assessment Tool


Get assessed through our AI integrated platform that analyzed more than 200,000 companies and understands your business risk and failures from “Investor’s Perspective”.

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